My Story

How I Unleashed My Huge, Natural Virility

In the following I tell you my personal story of how I experiences first hand my frustrations in this area of sexual potency and how I got finally rid of it:

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A Word About My Qualifications - Benefit from the Many Years of My Scientific Research

I have been doing extensive research over many years. I have included many interesting sources in my extensive research.

My knowledge and qualification comes thought the following studies and sources:

  • I have discussed with medical specialists and specialized psychologists, including experts who organize congresses on these topics!
  • I have read almost ALL available books on sexual potency.
  • I have ordered, studied and tested almost all the "secret insider reports" on the Internet.
  • I have ordered e-books by "Gurus" from certain closed down forums (which were difficult to access).
  • I have even studied sexual potency tips by and for porn actors!
  • I have tried all kinds of "miracle pills"...
  • ...and much more.

Watch the following video to learn more about my qualifications:

The Principle of Cause and Effect

The first and foremost thing you need to know about your huge natural erectile potency is this:

For every person, for every body and for every psyche apply exactly the same physical as well as psychological laws of CAUSE and EFFECT.

Every strong, natural virility and erectile capacity has specific physiological and psychological causes.

EVERY man, who knows and masters the simple laws of a huge, natural virility, will permanently be able to unleash his full big natural potency. If you don't know the laws, you will always fail and at most you will get a lucky hit now and then.

Nothing happens by chance in this world or in your life unless you decide to leave your life to chance.

Exactly the same holds true about your natural sexual potency. Take back control.

See full explanation in this video:

How This Online Course is Unique

This is a unique online course in many ways.

Get your hands on it as long as you still can.

Watch the following video to discover why this online course on “Foods for Strong Erections” is very unique:

This online course is for you, if you are sick and tired of not being a totally & sexually potent man, and also sick and tired of swallowing pills before sex (be it chemical drugs like Viagra or 'natural' 'wonderpills').

If you really want to understand what's going on and how to finally be fully & naturally potent again, then this course is for you!

What You Will Learn In This Online Course:

This online course is jam-packed with helpful insights that help you unleashing IMMEDIATELY your natural big potency and having rock-hard erections every single time for as long as you want!

  • Which substances your body ABSOLUTELY needs to produce rock-hard and long-lasting erections

  • Which foods to eat directly before sex that will IMMEDIATELY enhance your erections

  • How to have rock hard erections even into advanced old age – by eating certain foods

  • Foods that work better than Viagra

  • Foods that DESTROY erections – 99% of men still eat them daily (I'm NOT talking about common places like alcohol)

  • Nutritional supplements: yes or no?

  • ... and much more

Additional Benefits

Not only will you be able again to enjoy rock-hard erections and completely unleash your natural big potency! You will also enjoy

  • The foods presented in this online course are not only beneficial for your sex life and for producing hard erections. They have even many more positive effects!

  • They are also associated with increased growth hormone production in the pituitary gland as well as with improved fat burning. They make you more youthful and generally more energetic.

  • The sex foods presented in this online course also have positive effects on a better nutrient supply to the muscles, which results in better muscle building. Via vasodilation they also have an effect on a strong muscle pump.

  • Furthermore these foods cause a higher sensitivity of the sexual organs of men and women.

  • ...and many more.

This Stuff WORKS!!!

Maybe you have tried already many things (even foods, Viagra, "miracle pills" etc.) and it disappointed you?

  • The simple truth is: Your body NEEDS specific, but very basic substances contained in certain foods to produce rock-hard erections. You simply need to know them and eat them.

  • Even if... you tried already in vain Ginseng, Maca and other 'wonder pills'... so did I and this is NOT what this course is about.

  • Even if... Viagra, Cialis etc. do NOT work for you. Congratulations! Theses drugs have side effects anyway! And there is a BETTER and HEALTHIER way to have rock-hard erections. This is what this course is all about!

  • Even if... you don't have time and don't know how to cook, this course will benefit you anyway, because the foods presented are very easy to prepare!

You Will Receive Tremendous Value

Benefits Value
Full knowledge about immediate erection booster foods (immediately have rock-hard erections for as long as you want!) $95
Best knowledge about foods for sex into advanced old age, for high testosterone levels, high libido and much more $95
Printable pdfs with the best sex booster foods listed $25
Direct email access to the instructor (he will answer all of your questions about any course topic; no medical counseling)
(average of about 45 minutes per participant equals to $180)

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Learn How Foods Will Unleash Your Natural Male Potency and Virility Completely

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Learn How Foods Will Unleash Your Natural Male Potency and Virility Completely

Why I Dedicate This Course to Married Men

The knowledge contained in my online courses is very powerful and can unleash your big natural male potency completely.

Potentially there can be done much harm with this knowledge. Therefore I want this powerful knowledge to be applied preferably in a safe and appropriate context and way only.

Please let me explain it in detail to you in the following video:

Why I As a Christian publish Online Courses About Male Enhancement

God has created sexuality as the ultimate form of human oneness and mutual recognition.

Sexual love was not only invented by our Creator God for reproduction.

In Proverbs 5:19, the Bible speaks in ecstatic words on the subject of sexual love with your wife: “Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.".

A strong virility, great erectile power and magnificent sensuality are therefore in principle something very good.

See the full explanation in this following video:

What Other Buyers Say

“This online course about foods for strong erections is worth every penny! I finally understand how erections work and what I can do to improve them. This online course really nails it! I eat the foods from the lists regularly, with HUGE success! I couldn't be happier. Thank you!!!”

Verified Purchase

Benny A.

“I am a certified nutrition coach and I must say this is a great online course for anyone who wants to learn how to greatly improve your sex life. I have studied many other courses and resources and must say this online course truly stands out because of its depth and accuracy.”

Verified Purchase

Richard W.

“Nice videos, I can't stop watching and learning! I am really happy with what I have learned and how the information is presented and about the results I am seeing in my personal life.”

Verified Purchase

Thomas T.

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Learn How Foods Will Unleash Your Natural Male Potency and Virility Completely

$395 now $95 for a limited time
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Learn How Foods Will Unleash Your Natural Male Potency and Virility Completely

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

You don't have anything to lose

I want you to be 100% happy and satisfied with the results you get from this online course. Otherwise I will be happy to refund you 100%. If you want to take advantage of this offer, just send me an email between 75 and 90 days after you purchased the course and fill in a short form that I will send to you that shows that you put this knowledge consistently into practice and I will immediately refund you 100% of the purchase price. Change your life NOW! 100% risk free.
100% Money Back Guarantee

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Learn How Foods Will Unleash Your Natural Male Potency and Virility Completely

$395 now $95 for a limited time
Enroll now!
Learn How Foods Will Unleash Your Natural Male Potency and Virility Completely

Welcome to the family!

Start your new POTENT life right now

As a final note from your instructor in this online course, I would love to welcome you into our tribe of truly potent men. I personally guarantee you that I give my very best to make you happy and make you see the kind of results you are so much deserving of. Leave your old life behind and embark on this exciting journey of completely unleashing your big natural virility now!!
Personal Note From Dominic